Virtual Project Management & Mapping

For Virtual Assistant Agencies, Teams, & Soulful Leaders in the online business space.

Business coordination and organization that makes it easy for you to manage your virtual team, business operations, day to day tasks, special projects, and client sessions with templates and tasks that improve your workflow.



Hello there beautiful Soul, Welcome

Is your passion is to be a part of helping other’s make their dreams come true and live their dream life?

Maybe you spend your time helping women heal, to guide them to align, to connect with their highest self and to Source with support from your own team.

But what about YOUR dream life?
As an online professional, you must wear many hats, and managing your business can make you feel overwhelmed.

There are so many challenges when managing virtual teams or when running your online business. Coordinating all the components of backend operations, clients, and digital marketing is a lot to keep up with.

One of the single most important factors of a thriving online business, is to have all of your business in one, accessible, easy to use place. Having all of your processes and tasks mapped out saves hours every day and makes running your business seamless, almost effortless!

You can help your clients evolve to their highest potential by providing them with a more efficient client experience.




Find your Way…..

You were created to shine


Finding your way can be hard. Especially if you’ve been through trauma, abuse, or have lost a child. Nothing is the same, not even you. I’m here to help you through the process of discovering a new you, and creating a new normal. There are dreams and passions you may have forgotten, or never knew you had. I’m here to show you that you CAN do it.

I’ll be your biggest fan. Because, see, I’ve been through all of those, and though grief and pain comes like waves, I’ve created a life better than I could ever have imagined. I’m here to tell you, you are important, you are going to get through this, and create a life of your dreams.

Ready to Join An Amazing Community #SoulfulSucess Circle

So much is in the works beautiful soul! I’m launching a sacred space to evolve, grow, and to support each other spiritually
and in your soulful business. These are exciting times! The energy is increasing, humanity is shifting. This is not a time to wait to discover
your purpose, and it’s not a time to go it alone! We’re all in this together, raising consciousness in LOVE

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Rebecca England

Virtual Project Manager,
Soul and Business Elevator

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