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For soulful life coaches & spiritualists in the online business space.

You're aligned by design...

And that’s what you help your clients do. Your passion is to guide women to heal, to align, to connect with
their highest self and Source. Leading women to find their path and passion is YOUR soul’s path.
You’ve found your sparkle- it’s to help set women free so they can live their dream life.

But what about YOUR dream life? 

You’re wearing so many hats, managing your business has you feeling overwhelmed.


You have a business. You're doing well, with clients and leads.

You’ve done it. You followed your dream. You made it happen. But just one thing, you’re feeling overwhelmed. You’re not ready to hire a team, but you need help. The more you work, the more work you have. You need someone to get everything organized, so you can hit the ground running every morning. Having everything at your fingertips would free up so many hours in your week, right? I know how you feel. I’ve been right where you are. 

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 You CAN have your dreams come true…..
run a successful business easily, too!

Your pathway to FREEDOM starts here

 Hey soul sister,

I’M Rebeka,

I’m a Project Manager, Business Coordinator, Social Media Strategist, and Document/PDF Designer. I love ALL things Quantum, Boho, Holistic, Soulful, and living FREE from the world’s systems.

I’m here to help you run your soulful coaching business with the same vitality, purpose, and ease, just the way it’s meant to be on this Earthly dimension. 

Living out your purpose wasn’t meant to overwhelming, time-consuming, or dreadful. It was meant to light you up, be fun, and rewarding.


Ready to Join An Amazing Community

An ongoing course through the magical navigation of running your holistic, soulful business. You’ll understand your purpose, your voice, as well as receive business launch, operations, and marketing tips that you can easily implement.
You will come away feeling like the powerful life-force that you truly are!
Live free beautiful soul.

Now that you know more about me

 I want to know more about you! Just drop me a note or question in the box to the right. Every once in a while I’m divinely inspired to send energetic & consciousness updates, business tips, launch and branding advice, marketing guidance, and so much more to help you on your pathway to  freedom.

and…. I’m always SO happy to answer your questions, after all, we’re all connected, and I’m so glad to know you here, on this side of the veil! 

I'm excited to hear from you!

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